Monday, January 22, 2007

Hello Again

Sorry it's been about a month since I last posted. In my's still finals time here at Harvard. Tomorrow is the last day, and of course I have a final. And it's Greek of all things. Ugh. I'm NOT looking forward to it. One would think after that I would be done, however I have applications to finish, etc., but hopefully I can have those done by Wednesday at the latest and then take a week just to relax.

Other than finals things are going well. Rick and I are doing great, which is awesome. We went to the Sam Adams Brewery for a tour...the picture is above. Ummm what else? It seems that winter has finally arrived. So that's...ok I guess. Ha. Rick and I are doing a new running program which has been really great. He hurt his ankle, though, so we've been on hiatus for a week or so. It still looked a little rough this morning. I hope it's ok...I made him elevate it this weekend and put ice on it, and it seemed to help, but this morning he said it didn't feel perfect and he was limping some when he walked. We can't figure out what he did though, as he never turned his ankle or anything while running. Hopefully it's not a stress fracture or anything.

I can't believe I'm about to start my last semester at Harvard. It feels like I just got here...this two year degree seems so short! Hopefully I'll hear from the CPE folks soon, so I can interview and hopefully get the position. The woman who runs it seems nice and Rick and I passed the hospital on the way to CT last weekend. It looks like a nice place. So we'll see. Anyway nothing else going on here. I should get back to studying Greek. Woohoo! Hope you all are staying warm and having a great January.