Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hey everyone. I didn't realize that it's been almost 20 days since my last entry. Sorry about that.

Needless to say, I'm SUPER busy pretty much all of the time. Class, independent study, PhD apps, and even starting to think about the wedding (which I haven't really done too much of) have taken up all of my time. Oh and chapel ministry too. That's probably a bigger time chunk than some of the PhD apps are at this point. So entries may be sparse this academic year, or at least semester. Just warning you. :)

Lots of stuff is happening here. Classes are going OK. Only one is not as good as I had hoped, but it's not bad. Just OK really. The others are fine. Chapel ministry is going well but incredibly time consuming, which is fine I just didn't realize how busy it would make me until we started doing it. I like the people I work with, though, which is great. PhD applications are starting up. I take the GRE on October 6 and tomorrow morning I'm going to work on my personal statement. Joy. I also need to start studying for the GOEs, which involves reading for Anglican history and theology 1 and at least getting the books for reference for Anglican history and theology 2 (I took a close equivalent at EDS with Ian Douglas, but the dean uses some different books here that could be useful). I'm not looking forward to taking those. The GRE shouldn't be too bad. Just tedious really, and a little writing but nothing like the GOEs will be. I still don't understand what the point of them in but no one asked me. Oh well.

Erin and Blaine are coming up in two weeks. YAY! I'm really excited about their visit. I haven't seen anyone from my family since early June, so it will have been 4 months when she gets up here!

Not much wedding planning going on, really. I've been so swamped and Rick and I have had busy weekends for the last couple of weeks and the next couple, but by mid-October things will have calmed down and we can toss some honeymoon ideas around. Christmas will be when planning begins in earnest, I think. I'm trying to keep it affordable and environmentally responsible, and most of all fun and joy-full.

Other than that...Rick and I are going to NJ this weekend to visit his parents. It will be the first time we've seen his parents since we got engaged (we haven't seen mine yet since that day, but I'll see them at Thanksgiving and he'll be down at New Years. Damn expensive plane tickets!). And we'll see his friends from college, which should be fun. They're funny guys, so it's always interesting to be around them when they get together.

Alrighty well I need to eat and study before the Office premiere comes on.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hanna 2

Hanna has moved in. Interestingly enough, it's not much different than a Nor'easter. We were under a tornado warning until 9 pm, which I only found out about because I was looking at TWC's website. There are no sirens or other warning systems up here. My mom said these people don't know they're supposed to freak out. Ha. It was humid as all get out today and was awful. Rick and I didn't sleep well because it was so hot last night, so this morning we went to Denny's, the LL Bean outlet, Trader Joe's, New England Beverage Warehouse (where I was able to pick up a 12 pack of Shipyard Pumpkinhead--my all time favorite fall beer), Krispy Kreme (HUZZAH!), Kohl's (got some awesome hilarious t shirts) and a pet store to look at the puppies and kittens. I swear if Rick had said yes when the store manager asked if he wanted to hold a kitten we would have walked out of there with two of them. Ha.

But back to Hanna. Stephanie and Gordon had a spare window unit they're loaning me and that's already made a HUGE difference. I think this tropical storm is just a more humid Nor'easter. I looked at the radar and the whole state is covered in yellow and green blobs. And it is apparently supposed to rain something like 6 inches in the next day. So Rick will probably have to leave tomorrow morning after church to start emptying out his basement. LAME.

Oh well. I'll keep y'all updated.


I should preface this entire entry by stating up front that I am a total weather nerd. As a child, I loved watching the weather channel (still do, actually). During my first year in Boston there was a thundersnow, and I got so excited I had to stop walking home from the grocery--in a blizzard no less--to call home and report it.

Well, I move to New England and it's now my first Tropical Storm Warning. Hanna is moving in tonight and tomorrow. I'm not sure how this is going to be any worse or different from a Nor'easter, except that a Nor'easter stays for DAYS and this should be gone by Sunday morning. But we will see. Rick has seen a couple, although he said he wasn't paying attention enough to note whether or not there was a difference. But never fear, my land-locked readers. I will observe carefully what goes on in this Tropical Maelstrom and report back. You never know...Ike may be headed this way as well.

As my mom said, who would have thought that I would only have to travel 1000 miles away from home to New England to experience a tropical storm? I wonder if they shouldn't rename it by this point. i mean, it's hot and humid as hell up here, which is made worse by the fact that no one (including me, unfortunately, but not Rick thank God) has air conditioning. So I've spent the last few days sweating. Anyway it's still not tropical. I think the high temp tomorrow is 80. Couldn't we call it "super-tropical" because it's above the tropical region? And it sounds cooler.

But that's just my two cents.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

School's In for September

Whew. It feels like it's been a month since I updated this thing, but I guess it's only been a couple of weeks. Needless to say, lots has happened in that period of time!

But first, the good news, which I can officially announce via the internet...Rick and I are getting married!!!!!!!! : ) He asked me after we went out to dinner on the 13th, and of course I said yes. So now planning has commenced, and we're both really excited (favorite thing of the moment: Rick will smile, lean over, and whisper in my ear "We're gonna be married!"- it's nice to have a fiance who is just as excited as I am.). So yeah, the wedding will be next summer on July 25th. Woot woot!

Other than that, school started yesterday. I had a wonderful Shakespeare seminar downtown. The prof is hilarious! Then prayer book yesterday afternoon which was also good. Today I've got Dante, tomorrow senior colloquium (Affectionately called mass class) and Tuesday I'll have my other seminar downtown- Law religion and literature in post revolutionary England (I'm excited about that class). So not too bad. And now that part of my loan has come in I can schedule the GRE and get started on the PhD applications. The new Reformation professor here at YDS said he'd help out as much as he can as I start applying, so that's good.

Yep. Things are going well. And my sister is coming to visit in a little over a month! I hope the weather is good, but if not there are still some great things I'm hoping we can do. The apples are already ripe for picking, but I think there will still be some then. So we'll see.

For those who were wondering, I preached yesterday morning and everyone seemed to like the sermon. So yay! And the service last night, which I spent days planning, went really well also! I slept in this morning to recuperate (I was exhausted yesterday, to say the least). So now it's time to get ready for another day of school.

Later, yo.