Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer Has Started

Howdy everyone
Well, it seems that summer has officially started. Sort of. Graduation is next week on Wednesday and Thursday. My family is coming up for the occasion, which is really exciting. No one but my brother has been able to come and visit for any extended period of time. So it should be great! And they'll be meeting Rick for the first time (except for Nathan) so that will be good as well. We're hopefully going to go on a Duck Tour (as long as I can get tickets) as well as have a cookout here at Rick's house. On another school note....I GOT A B+ IN GREEK! I swear I've never worked so hard for a grade in my life, and I am PERFECTLY happy with a B+. I honestly thought it was going to be worse. So yay for me! Needless to say I was stoked when I found out. And all of my other grades are in, my term bill paid (all 75 cents of it) and now I just have to get Rick to pick up my regalia some time this week or next week. My time at Harvard is quickly coming to a close.
I started CPE today, and it looks like a good group of people. Two are novices in the Order of Assumption, or something to that effect. (monks-in-training, basically). One is a RC nun in the Order of Notre Dame de something. She's a native Bostonian. Another is on track to be ordained in the Unitarian church, and another will be a military chaplain. And then there's me. I'm definitely the youngest, by far, which should be interesting. The program looks like it's going to be a lot of work--writing, lectures, patient visits, etc. But it shouldn't be too bad. I just ordered the books I'm going to do for my book reports--I'm such a geek, I'm excited we're getting to read and reflect on some literature. So I'm doing Merton's No Man is an Island, a book called Clinical Ethics, and C.S. Lewis's The Problem of Pain. I don't really like Lewis that much (while I like the Narnia books for enjoyment their theology is soooooooo wack) but I couldn't find anything else on that list that looked good. So I chose this will let me argue with his take on theodicy :) I'm riding my bike to work this summer. The commute isn't too bad, only 10-15 minutes, and there's a bike rack in the parking garage. The ride home is actually a bit tougher because half of it is uphill, but it should be no problem by the end of the summer! I got my on call weekend (next weekend, to be exact) which I preferred. It means I can get it out of the way early and then I'm free on the weekend for the rest of the summer. Sweet. Other than that...we're supposed to choose which floors we want to work. I think I'm going to request pediatrics and orthopedics. I've worked with kids alot, and I think I could use that experience well in CPE (although the peds unit is small, hopefully I'll get it) and I am going to request orthopedics mostly because A. I couldn't think of what else to choose and B. I think there would be a good chance of encountering alot of young people on that floor. And since I want to minister to young people, mainly, that may be good. We'll see I guess. Who knows if I'll get it or not.
Other than that, not much else is going on. I've come up with a summer reading list:
The Brothers Karamazov (Dostoevsky)
Jane Eyre (one of the Brontes...Charlotte I think...but I'm not looking at it so I'm not sure)
HP and the Deathly Hallows (of course)
and the Thursday Next series.
I'm working on the Brothers book right now...I've started it so many times, I'm determined to get through it this summer, so I'm not going to read anything else until I've finished it (except for the assigned books).
Anywho, that's all for now. Hope you all are doing well and staying cool!
Peace, y'all.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Quick Update

I'm done with school for the year. Weird to think that, assuming I've passed all of my classes, I've finished a Masters degree. Strange. Anyway, I'm in Louisville for a few days visiting the fam, then it's back up to Boston for camping and CPE. Woowoo! Yay for summer!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Three Words.

Papers. Are. DONE.

: )

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Why oh why didn't Jesus and the authors of the New Testament speak Elizabethan English????

On a totally unrelated note...I finished my exegesis for NT. It's done. Yay! And I have two more good paper topics for two papers left to write. And a take home NT final, which I hope to start on soon, and a Greek final (not to mention a quiz or two). Things are wrapping up. I would say slowly, but not really. It just feels like it. But everything will get done. And luckily my papers don't require much outside reading...just close readings of the texts. Hopefully the books I ordered (Indian comic eh?) will come in on Monday or Tuesday. I kind of need them for the paper.

Spring is finally here, which is good. Bad for my allergies. And the sun has been wonderful, although I'm still used to Kentucky Mays, where it's 80 degrees in May and not only 65. Oh well. I'm not complaining, because it could be much colder. Rick and I went for a 21 mile bike ride yesterday evening (took about 2 hours). At one point I got us up to 22 mph. Hopefully that will get even higher. And we had two really good runs on Monday and Tuesday. I'm hoping that means I'm starting to see some results (aka not feeling miserable while running).

We're going to the circus on Sunday. Yay! And we found another drive-in near his house in Worcester. So that makes 3 total, I think. Which is beyond exciting.

And I get to go home in 15 days. :)