Monday, June 08, 2009

KY Summer

Hey there. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. It's been a crazy month, to say the least. I'll just do a run down of each event and then an update of where I am now...
1. Graduation from Yale. Yep. Finished that degree. I also won the liturgics prize from Berkeley (the Episcopal divinity school that is part of Yale Divinity School). that was a HUGE surprise but great news, as it will look great on my resume and was also pretty cool. And I graduated Summa. Most graduate schools don't do latin honors, but some apparently do. And YDS is one of them. So there you go. I knew my grades were good, but I thought I had one H- too many for Summa. So yay there. My mom, dad, and brother were up for the event, and Rick came down as well. So there we go. MAR- game over.

2. Job stuff. I interviewed pretty seriously at 3 places and actually got an offer at one of them! I'm not going to say specifics here, but it will be really really good, I think. There was another position that also would have been great but I got this offer first AND it's closer to Worcester. Even though the other one paid more money, Rick and I decided the closer one would be better in the long run. So that's good. I'll start in late August. Woohoo! Employment-check. It is starting as part time, but hopefully there will be an arrangement that will move it to full time. But I have some ideas of other things to do for about 10 hours a week to pick up a little extra cash.

3. Ordination. It's coming up. Details are pretty much finalized, I just have a few more things to send in for the program. I think it will be really good, although one of the people I wanted to be part of it is going to be in AZ! That TOTALLY sucks but oh well-nothing I can do about it!

4. Moving. Sheesh. I HATE moving-just ask Rick about how I turn into a beast everytime I have to move. Seriously. I'm so glad he loves me, otherwise he would probably think I'm insane. I moved out of the house in New Haven and into storage in MA in early May. Then, Rick's roommate found a new place to stay so he moved out on June 1 and I moved my stuff out of storage and into Rick's house (soon to be OUR house!!!! Yay!!!!) so I wouldn't have to pay for storage for the summer. God bless Rick-he's willing for my stuff to be in boxes in various places in his house until I get up there in August. But we DID set up the former roommate's room into our office. It was really exciting. Perhaps stupidly so, but it's the first room that we've really set up together from scratch, so it feels like a place in the house that is ours. That probably sounds stupid, but it's pretty cool.

5. KY. Now I'm in KY until the wedding. Doing various things really, but mostly just hanging out with my family. Getting ordained and married, of course, so the wedding prep will be taking up some time, but today, for example, my sister and I took Blaine on his first trip to King's Island (our favorite theme park just north of Cincy). It was awesome. It will be even more awesome when he's tall enough to ride the Beast and Whitewater Canyon, etc., but he loved the rides and it was great to see him giggle and squeal with excitement on them.

So that's what I've been doing. I may not update too much this summer, but will hopefully keep up with the book reviews. I'm rereading a series right now, so once I'm done with it I'll post on it. then I think I'm going to tackle this Michael Ramsey book. Hell yeah.