Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hanna 2

Hanna has moved in. Interestingly enough, it's not much different than a Nor'easter. We were under a tornado warning until 9 pm, which I only found out about because I was looking at TWC's website. There are no sirens or other warning systems up here. My mom said these people don't know they're supposed to freak out. Ha. It was humid as all get out today and was awful. Rick and I didn't sleep well because it was so hot last night, so this morning we went to Denny's, the LL Bean outlet, Trader Joe's, New England Beverage Warehouse (where I was able to pick up a 12 pack of Shipyard Pumpkinhead--my all time favorite fall beer), Krispy Kreme (HUZZAH!), Kohl's (got some awesome hilarious t shirts) and a pet store to look at the puppies and kittens. I swear if Rick had said yes when the store manager asked if he wanted to hold a kitten we would have walked out of there with two of them. Ha.

But back to Hanna. Stephanie and Gordon had a spare window unit they're loaning me and that's already made a HUGE difference. I think this tropical storm is just a more humid Nor'easter. I looked at the radar and the whole state is covered in yellow and green blobs. And it is apparently supposed to rain something like 6 inches in the next day. So Rick will probably have to leave tomorrow morning after church to start emptying out his basement. LAME.

Oh well. I'll keep y'all updated.

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