Saturday, September 06, 2008


I should preface this entire entry by stating up front that I am a total weather nerd. As a child, I loved watching the weather channel (still do, actually). During my first year in Boston there was a thundersnow, and I got so excited I had to stop walking home from the grocery--in a blizzard no less--to call home and report it.

Well, I move to New England and it's now my first Tropical Storm Warning. Hanna is moving in tonight and tomorrow. I'm not sure how this is going to be any worse or different from a Nor'easter, except that a Nor'easter stays for DAYS and this should be gone by Sunday morning. But we will see. Rick has seen a couple, although he said he wasn't paying attention enough to note whether or not there was a difference. But never fear, my land-locked readers. I will observe carefully what goes on in this Tropical Maelstrom and report back. You never know...Ike may be headed this way as well.

As my mom said, who would have thought that I would only have to travel 1000 miles away from home to New England to experience a tropical storm? I wonder if they shouldn't rename it by this point. i mean, it's hot and humid as hell up here, which is made worse by the fact that no one (including me, unfortunately, but not Rick thank God) has air conditioning. So I've spent the last few days sweating. Anyway it's still not tropical. I think the high temp tomorrow is 80. Couldn't we call it "super-tropical" because it's above the tropical region? And it sounds cooler.

But that's just my two cents.

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