Sunday, June 25, 2006

Back to the Daily Grind

Today was the first Sunday back at church since General Convention. I was half expecting Charles to preach on it, but to no avail. I also didn't hear many people talking about it. Could be because it's been half a week, or maybe because the average Episcopalian hasn't really paid too much attention to what's going on around the world. Check out some of the "Blogs I Read" for info on the conversation going on surrounding GC. I think the best point I've heard thus far is that in reality, what happens in our churches is on a very local level...and when it goes international, then it's usually one church pairing up with another. There's not really any meeting with the primates (how many Episcopalians have really known and been influenced directly by the PB? or the Archbishop of Canterbury? Or Akinola?) I just wonder how much of an effect this is going to have on the large middle ground dioceses of Episcopalians...It will be interesting to see.

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