Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Heat and Harry Potter

Howdy everyone. I realized that it's been a while since my last post! Everything here in MA is good, although hot. The heat wouldn't be so bad if people had pools...but oh well. At least it's not 67 degrees. This summer has been going well. Rick and I went to the beach a couple of weeks ago. I tried to post a pic but my camera is being weird, so oh well. Maybe I'll try again. If there's a picture below, it's from the beach. I'm hoping maybe to go back this weekend with a friend while Rick works on his car. CPE is going well. This week marks the halfway point, which is kind of hard to believe but then again not too hard to believe. My truck is acting up again, and no one has offered to buy it and I have no money. So I don't know what I'm going to do there. I had a long talk with my supervisor today about the whole situation. i thought I had a part time job working as a dog-walker but they haven't really contacted me back. I did get an email from them today, though, that said they were trying to work everything out. But if my truck is starting to act up...and I have to go to Boston Monday night for a CPR recert course, so I'll need the truck then as well. It's just kind of a mess. And no one form ISM has gotten back to me about loans. So I'll have to keep calling them. Anyway, that's about all. Rick introduced me to an AWESOME show called Black Adder. It's a Britcom that is basically an historical comedy. My dad apparently has never seen it, which I find odd, but I told him he would love it. It's hysterical! So if you've never seen it, watch it. Rick just got the first season on DVD. We'll probably start watching it tonight. Ummm....Evan Almighty is out now, we're just waiting for it to show up at the drive in, which hopefully will be soon. We were going to go last week to see Pirates 3 but we had gone out to dinner the night before so we opted to stay in, due to money (aka it's cheaper). I heard Pirates 3 isn't all that great, but I would still like to see it. I loved the first 2.
Harry Potter is fast approaching. My thoughts on who will die? Voldemort. Granted, I wouldn't put it past JKR to kill Harry off, but if these books are about the triumph of good over evil, then Voldemort has to be defeated. And Harry has to do it. But I think some of our favorites will die, and in my opinion it's going to be Neville. I think the trio will stick together (and the three of them will find the horcruxes, etc.) but Neville has something in store for him, I think. But who knows. Apparently Kreacher is going to play an important role, so they had to keep him in the 5th movie on Jo's recommendation. As for Snape...I've gone back and forth on this position. When I first read HBP, I thought maybe he was ok, but there was something else going on. However, on a second read I feel he is on Voldemort's side. That may be too simplistic a reading for HP, but he killed Dumbledore. He was willing to save his own skin to kill the man who would have helped Harry most. How can that make him a friend of the Order? Anywho, those are my musings. I hope you're all doing well!

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