Thursday, September 06, 2007


Classes have started, and started well. I had two good classes on Wednesday (OT and History), and the profs were pretty amazing. One of them plays evangelical praise music at the end of every class to remind us that there are many ways of interpreting the Hebrew scriptures. The other was talking about symbols and he ripped up a dollar in front of us. That would normally be ok, if it hadn't been for the fact that I went and paid $260 for his books that afternoon. Sheesh. And then today I had my other two classes and one colloquia (the ISM doesn't meet until next Wednesday). Those were also good. So it looks as though the semester will be pretty intense but full of really interesting stuff, and I should be able to work with my interest in religion and literature in a couple of my course papers. Also, and I may be singing another tune later, almost all of my papers are due before December 1, which at this point in the semester I think will be nice. I have one due on October 4, but because of the Maryland trip the weekend before I'm going to try and get it done a little early. And I don't have any paper longer than 10 pages!!!!!! I don't think I've had that happen since college. Pretty amazing.

So this is patristics professor lives in the apartment across the hall. The normal prof. is on sabbatical this year, so he's a visiting professor from Notre Dame. And he and his wife live across the hall. I guess this means I'll have to stay on my toes especially in that class, so as not to have to deal with increased awkwardness when I pass him in the hallway...

Clifford is sold as well (finally). Now I can bring Beethoven (my blue 1993 Subaru Legacy AWD wagon) down from Worcester, hopefully on Saturday. The guy who bought it was a total hippie, which was pretty funny. I hope he gets some good use out of the truck, though (he's a painter).

Other than that, it's basically just homework time here. I had to dive right in as I have 130 pages of reading due tomorrow--which I would like to point out I've already finished. But there's other reading to be done so I'm going to try and stay on top of it. I won't get to see Rick this weekend (SAD!!!) because he's in New York state on a business trip; thus I'm hoping to be extra productive this weekend so I can start thinking about the paper that's due in three weeks. Woohoo!

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