Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Grrr and Yay!

I'm a non-confrontational person. I realize there are times when confrontations can bring about change in good ways, but the violence inherent in such meetings goes against my nature. My heart rate goes up and I immediately feel as though I'm about the burst into tears--and not from sadness (I wish I could be that compassionate) but from the sheer anger and frustration of it all. This doesn't happen very often to me...seriously, only once every few months, if that.

Well, tonight was one of those moments, and of course it had to do with driving. I'm not an aggressive driver and never have been. Sure, I go about 5 mph above the speed limit but that's about the extent of it. Tonight, while waiting to make a left, an Impatient Truck (henceforth referred to as IT) pulled up behind me. There was a car coming and it looked like I would have time to turn after them, but the car was going to make a right so slowed down. The car behind that car caught, I could have made the left at the same time as the right-turning car (people do it up here for whatever ridiculous reason) but I didn't want to get in a wreck. So I waited. The IT behind me thought this was a bad idea, so they honked. Then, when the person had turned right and the other car came through the intersection and I didn't turn right before it, the IT honked again (driven by a man, by the way). So I have to run a yellow light to make the left and the IT follows. Of course.

I will admit that I didn't speed up as fast as I often do, but in my defense I'm getting used to a new car with an engine that's a little smaller than my previous car. It wasn't like I was going only 15...I got up to the speed limit of 25 and the next left turn was only a quarter mile away. So I make that left, with IT still behind me.

We start driving down Lake Ave. I'm going 35 mph which is above the speed limit of 30. People usually go 45 down Lake, but alot of people run and bike along it (including myself) so I keep the speed low. IT tails me. And tails me. And tails me. Then-and here's the kicker-righgt before the start of a grass barrier in the middle of the road, IT passes me ON THE LEFT IN THE INCOMING TRAFFIC LANE. As he passes, I flip him off. I was so mad...not only was this guy putting me in danger but he was endangering everybody else. I would like to point out, too, that I don't flip people off. It's pointless, but I didn't know what else to do (and to be fair it didn't make me feel any better). So THEN this jerk passes me and the minute he gets in front of me he slams on his brakes and goes 20 mph. I'm pretty sure he was trying to cause me to rear-end him, ruining my car and putting me at fault. And I had no illusions that this guy wouldn't haul off and hit me-he was that aggressive. Luckily I pay attention and so I slowed down and no problems. He sped off (at 50 mph I was fast) and I actually catch up to him at the light (vindication!). Luckily he wasn't going to same direction as I was, but I was seriously worried that he was going to get out of his car and come try and attack me. It was really scary...and I know my flipping him off didn't provoke him (he was already an a**) but still.

So. Moral of the story? There isn't one really. I just needed to vent (although R did give me a big hug when I told him about it). Well, maybe I could say that flipping someone off is not as cathartic as we think it's going to be. I think it just made me feel worse.

But seriously. The nerve of some people.

But on the YAY side of things, my brother had his 6 month CT scan today-and he's still cancer free! I can't even begin to convey what a blessing this is, although I'm sure you can imagine (especially those who've been affected by cancer in some way, shape, or form). Maybe some day I'll blog about all of that, because I didn't do it too much during the past year, but not today. Today was a day of thanksgiving. Praise God, from whom all blessings most definitely do flow.

And Skype rocks my world. Not only did it help R and I get through the past year and this summer of being apart (although the phone had worked just fine before that), but I got to Skype with my sister and nephew today! It was AWESOME and totally made my day (along with my brother's news). I got to see Mom and Dad, who are both sick so couldn't really talk, but E and B and I had a great half-hour conversation. I got to show B the kittens (he was really excited about them) and by the end he wanted me to read him a book. And it was so great to see my sister. It's tough living so far away...a friend likened homesickness to soulsickness. I think he was on to something! Hopefully the whole family will be able to come to the ordination in January, though, and then we can have some time together! Skype rocks, but you can't give a person a hug through Skype.

And the weight watchers beef pepper steak I made for dinner was pretty darn good. Tomorrow night's choice? We're indulging with Trader Joe's Indian food and watching our Thursday night TV lineup-Jim and Pam are getting married, after all!

So that was my evening. How was yours?


m. connor sullivan said...

I am very, very glad to hear that your brother is still cancer free! like we said when we visited, we don't want to be pushy or dogmatic about our decision to be vegan, but I feel I would be holding back and/or doing a disservice if I didn't recommend two books that relate to some of the factors in our decision. a major part has to do with nutrition and disease.

first there's The China Study, which is the one that sent us from "maybe vegetarian" to "full-blown vegan."

then there's this book Anticancer which I didn't read through, but looked over generally and bought it for my mom recently for her bday. I plan on borrowing it back at Christmas and reading through it then. it's not a vegan book, but it's close, with an emphasis on overall nutrition and the author's account of his struggle to stay cancer free.

both are backed by an incredible amount of research (esp. the China Study, which is the largest study of nutrition ever conducted and was backed by lots of reputable institutions).

anyway, worth looking into. there are lots of reasons I'm glad we're vegan, but the main impetus was the concern for breast cancer, as Emily feels that she is more at risk than some.

anyway, hope to hear more good updates about Nathan in the future!

Hilary said...

I've heard of the China Study-a roommate of mine last year had it and was reading it. Thanks for the tip...maybe I'll read it some day. For now I'm reading everything I can by any person with whom I want to study...apps are due in a couple of months and there are statements to write (this weekend...) so I'm kind of on reading overload at the moment. But I'll keep that one in mind for the future.

And thanks for the well wishes-I'm sure Nathan will appreciate them!

m. connor sullivan said...

oh right, apps! good luck, again! glad to have a decade or so between me and that next round..