Monday, October 23, 2006

Sigh of a Bit of Relief

I just wanted to share the news with you all that I did not bomb said Greek quiz. I got it back today and got an 86 on it, which is a good solid B. So as of now I think I've got a nice solid B in the class, which is fine by me. It's not what I would like but hey, it's still "above average," and I have the rest of the semester to try and pull it up. Whew. Talk about a relief. I expected to have done much much worse, but thankfully I didn't. I did however spend four hours memorizing verb forms yesterday...I'm hoping that I've gotten back into the swing of language study, as it's been two years since I did any. So that's heartening.

I'm trying to figure out why I always insist on taking a nap even when I know it will make me feel icky when I wake up. Maybe it's because it's cloudy and cold and windy outside, and my room was so warm and cozy. I like to tell myself that it's Monday and I have class until 9 PM, so the nap will help with that, but I think that's just me rationalizing things.

Spent the weekend reading several Anglican Communion related documents. I'd actually never read the Windsor Report before, and I thought it was definitely a document worth reading. I think if more people had actually read the report we might have had some good conversations in the past couple of years. While there are some things that I didn't necessarily agree with (why were ECUSA and the Canadian church only asked to apologize? What about those on the other side who had been just as divisive?) on the whole it was a good insight into what the worldwide Communion is struggling with. But here's the thing I really don't get: If right now we're trying to figure out what "communion" means, and we're having dialouge, etc., then why ask the Episcopal Church (USA) and the Anglican Church of Canada to step down from their ACC positions? It would to me that this would be the last thing we want if we truly want to be in communion. It just seems to be contrary to the stated intentions of the report. But there could be something I'm missing...I think I'll bring the point up in class and see what kind of answer I get.

Speaking of which, I have to run to the lirbary to make some copies for class tonight. Hope those of you in KY are staying warm (I saw on the weather channel website that there's a slight chance of a few flurries dad said he was going to start his rain dance). In the mean time...

Peace y'all.

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