Friday, June 13, 2008


Howdy everyone. Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. I have been in KY for the past 10 days having a wonderful visit with my family. It's been great getting to see them, especially since I only get down here every so often, because of flight prices, etc. Anyway right now I'm sitting in the Louisville airport. It's been a nightmare trying to get back to New England tonight. I was supposed to fly through DC, and that was delayed to the point that I would miss my connection, so now I'm going through Philly, but will likely miss my connection to Providence there, spend the night in the Philly airport, and fly into Boston really early in the morning. I think I should get in around 7:40 am. What sucks is that I packed my glasses. But I just bought a contact case. I guess I'll try and sleep in them and if worse comes to worse take them out and put them in some rewetting drops I have. I couldn't find any saline solution, which is too damn bad. The plan is supposed to be here around 9:30 and we should soon be leaving around 9:45. Too bad most of the people around here are jerks, and not the workers I mean. The passangers are just MEAN. On top of all of this, there's a line of storms moving this way that could very well upset things. I kind of hope there's a delay of the flight to Providence so that I could make that flight and see Rick earlier, but my bags are going to Boston so thank God I have my prescriptions here. The guy sitting behind me is a real asshole. He was bugging the US Airways worker and standing around while he was trying to help others and then got all mad, and now all I can hear is him complaining. Sheesh. Get a grip people and calm down. Your complaining won't get you anywhere.

Anywho...yeah. So we'll see what time I get to New England. Either PVD or BOS. Luggage is going to Boston, since I think that's the most likely flight I'll be on (and not Providence, unless it gets delayed). To be honest, I really just want to see Rick. I haven't seen him much in the past month and I miss him terribly, and I was looking forward to seeing him tonight. Oh well. If I don't make tonight's flight hopefully the flight in the morning will go and I'll see him sometime in the next 12 hours or so.

The fam seems to be doing OK in general. Blaine is so big and talking and he's the cutest thing this world has ever seen. It sucks that I get to see him so rarely, and the rest of my family too. And now with gas prices going up...I was going to drive to work this summer because it was going to be cheaper, but now it's looking that since gas prices are going up I may start thinking about taking the train in order to save some money, or at least break even and help the environment a little.

I think I'm rambling now. I'm going to waste some more time online I guess. Hope you're all doing well and staying cool in this heat!

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