Friday, February 06, 2009

26 et. al.

Well yesterday was my birthday. I'm now 26. Woohoo! (i think). It was a pretty low key and normal day, which as my mom said is a great thing in my family right now. It was nice, though. I had friends over last night and we had Chinese food and watched the Office and had 2 cakes and good beer! Woohoo! I finally felt like fall semester was over, because my ISM project is DONE and presented as of Wednesday the 4th. Now I'm just waiting for PhD stuff. Some days I think I'll get in, and other days I think there's not a chance in hell. So I really have no idea. I just need to start doing job stuff but I feel I can't do it until I have some idea about these programs. I should hopefully know something this month though. I'm still hoping the most for Brown, but I'd go for any of them really.

Other than that, I head out for Canterbury today. Haven't been to England since I studied abroad in the summer of 2003 in London, so this will be fun. Hopefully I'll have time to update this blog about the trip, but if not I'll fill y'all in when I get home. I hope you're staying warm and getting ready for spring!

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