Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One down one to go.

Well the OT midterm is done. Not too bad, at least that's how I felt coming out of it. I felt that I wrote all I could on the first question but only got three pages out of it (in my tiny handwriting) and the second I did five. So hopefully that will be good. I was going to start studying for Reformation right after but I'm realistic and knew my brain wouldn't be in retention mode quite yet, so I'll probably start studying after section. Woowoo.

Found an awful website. It's called Gradcafe. Some people love it. Right now I hate it. I've just been reading and all of these people are getting rejected from PhD programs--and many of them have applied to the same schools to which I'm applying AND they're applying for a second round. It's a bummer. A good friend of mine who is brilliant hasn't gotten in anywhere yet, and everywhere else has rejected him (again). Sheesh. It's very very disheartening. Needless to say, it's gotten to the point that when I think I'm going to stop studying for the night I say "PhD" to myself to keep myself going. Everyone around me seems so confident that I'll get in somewhere, but I guess I'm more realistic? Hmm. I'm not bashing myself here, I just know that next year hopefully by this time I'll know something.

I had a meeting with my history prof last week to talk about PhD stuff, which is good. My languages will be out of the way when I apply (I've done French and will do German next year) which is apparently a big thing for history programs. At this point I think I've decided that if I get in to any history programs I'll go for those over religion, mostly because I have a better chance of getting a job AND I could teach in either religion or history. So we'll see. I have to get in first. At this point I'm thinking my top choice is Brown, but all of the schools I'm looking at (History-Harvard, Yale, Brown, BC Religion--Harvard Div, BC, BU) are good schools. I'd just like to get in to one of them. Luckily I've already figured out professors, and am hoping to read some of their work this summer and meet with them in the early fall. I'm also hoping to have a writing sample from one of my lit classes this semester. I think the Milton one would be most applicable, as it's a combination of lit, religion, and history, which is my interest, but we'll see. I'm hopefully meeting with the prof tomorrow.

Anyway I have a meeting about my exegesis so I'm gonna peace out. One more midterm left and then spring break. Woohoo!

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