Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break

Hello everyone. It's week number 2 of spring break (yes, Yale gets 2 weeks!) and I'm sitting here at the kitchen table in Worcester working on a paper. It's been a relaxing break so far. I had some more asthma trouble last week and then on Friday sprained my ankle really badly. It's still swollen but the doctors say it's not broken, so that's good. But it is about five different colors, which is fun I guess. Monday was St. Patrick's Day and Rick and I met up with his old roommate Felipe for dinner, which was fun. We were supposed to meet up with Matt and Emily, but Matt is sick so hopefully he'll get better and we can meet on Friday instead.

I've pretty much just worked on this Chaucer paper over the break. I have two 20-30 page papers due on April 28, a 10 pg. on Apr 11 and a 5 page on the 28th. So I'm just trying to get a jump on this one. On top of it all, I'm presenting on my paper topic on Monday in Chaucer, so this gave me a reason to get a bunch of the research done. I'm about halfway done with researching the topic I think. I'm just a little nervous because I'm not sure I completely have a thesis for the paper yet, but hopefully one will come to me as I study. I just want to get this paper and the two shorter ones done so that I can work on my Milton paper, about which I'm pretty excited. I'm also hoping the Milton paper will be good enough to be my PhD writing sample, so I want to make sure it's extra good. I just need to get this other stuff done first so that I can work on it!

Other than that, there's not much going on here. The weather sucks--it's cold and rainy. The past month has had cold and rainy weekends. Needless to say Rick and I are both ready for some sun. It's also Holy Week. I'm reading at the vigil on Saturday night, specifically the flood story, which given the current weather situation seems fitting. Rick and I watch Jesus Christ Superstar last night, which he had never seen. His take: "Wow, my Lord and Savior has got soul!" Ha. I love him.

Hope you are all staying dry wherever you are, and having a blessed Holy Week. Spring and Easter are almost here!!!

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