Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Sorry for the delay. Life has been crazy, and now that work has started I feel like I'm either working all of the time or trying to get in at least a little hang out time with Rick. The job is going OK...better this week than last week so far. I work with mostly 19 year olds who don't understand that working at camp means you're there for the kids and not the salary. But yesterday and today have been better, so I'm hoping things will get at least more bearable. It's been quite sunny and hot, and it seems no matter how many times I put on sunscreen I'm still getting slightly burnt, although I'm pretty tan now. But I'm standing on a pool deck with no shade from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM so that's likely to brown the skin. Or bake it. Or both.

Anyway...I've been studying for the GRE. Vocab mostly, but yesterday I started some different stuff. It's boring but necessary. I'm still waiting on two books for my summer reading, and one of them I am about to order from Amazon and cancel the Marketplace order because it's been 17 days and no word on anything, and this particular book is still in print. This is why I don't like Amazon Marketplace. I always end up with the sellers who don't stay in touch very well. LAME. Hopefully I can get something figured out soon.

Rick and I went for a bike ride on Sunday-18 miles (about). It wasn't very long but it felt good. And yesterday we worked out at the house. Don't know if we're riding or using the machines tonight, but I slept so well last night because of the workout! It was great. And I swam yesterday, but I don't really have time the rest of this week. So maybe we'll do a little bit longer workout tonight.

On another note, the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) recently met in Jerusalem and issued this statement about the state of the communion. It was interesting reading, albeit not surprising. In fact, I'm a little surprised something like this hadn't come out sooner, but they timed it to be released soon before the Lambeth Conference starts to meet. Needless to say, I think it may make things a bit...ummm...AWKWARD. Rowan Williams responded with this statement which I thought was pretty decent. While I don't agree with some of the ways he's been handling contentious issues (such as the ordination of women bishops in the CoE), I thought this was a statement that was willing to look at both the positive and negatives, especially considering the fact that his "authority" is being questioned by GAFCON. Very pastoral and I think a very open look at a statement of concerned leaders in the world. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean you should automatically dismiss them, and Williams's statement displays this. Unfortunately, PB Jefferts-Schori was not so gracious. This letter is, to me, at least as damning of the GAFCON folks as they are of the AoC and ECUSA. I was incredibly disappointed to read this statement from our Presiding Bishop. While Williams made the excellent point that getting rid of colonialism doesn't necessarily mean the colonized taken over the former colonizers (although I'm sure there are many who might dispute that point), Jefferts-Schori just seems to write off the GAFCON folks as not even Anglican.

How very un-Anglican of her.


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