Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hilary is, in fact, Alive.

Why hello there everyone. I guess it's been about two months since last I wrote. So sorry about that. Summer has gotten in the way of things, but hopefully once school starts back up I will be able to write some more.

I'm writing right now from my very own storage closet/office at St. Mark's. It's my last week here, which is very sad. I've grown accustomed to the flourescent lighting and the lack of air circulation. But those things aside, it's been nice. I feel like I have my own little niche here at St. Mark's. So I guess I will get everyone up to speed on what's been going on...

Internship: It's almost over, which is incredibly hard to believe! I actually have a meeting tonight in front of the commission on ministry, and they'll decide today (hopefully) if they want to make me a postulant (again, hopefully they will). I have high hopes that things will go well, and I'm pretty sure I'll get the green light, but you never know what can happen. So I'm nervous, and have spent a good portion of the day wondering what the hell I will do with my life if the commission says no. I do feel strongly, however, that God has called me to ministry, and I believe the commission sees that call as well. But pray for me and the COM tonight nonetheless, that God may be present in our mutual discernment.

In other internship news, things are going along swimmingly for the U2charist. I'm wicked excited about it, and it sounds like we may have a crowd! I know there are people coming from Campbellsville, Bowling Green, and Lexington, so that's huge! If you're in the Louisville area, it's this Saturday the 26th at 5:30 pm. It's a really powerful service and a huge testimony to how we as Christians can live out our faith. The rehearsal is this Friday night, and I keep thinking that perhaps there is more I should be doing, but things are pretty much in place so now it's kind of a waiting game! Sunday is also my last Sunday at St. Mark's, which is going to be sad. I've grown to love this community alot, and it's going to be hard leaving them. Kind of like it was hard leaving Christ Church. But there's exciting stuff to come...

School: Speaking of exciting, I'll be leaving one internship to be going to another. I'll be helping out at Trinity this next year in Boston with our young adult group. I'll be going around to campuses and telling young people about what we're doing. It should be a lot of fun, but also really hard. More to come on this once I know more. School starts the 18th, so I'm going to b e sitting around in Boston for a while trying to find something to do. Although I'll have AND stuff. And I'm going to be taking Greek this year so I could go ahead and buy the book so I can start memorizing the alphabet, etc. School should be exciting though.

Other Stuff: Mainly my nephew. He's amazing, and adorable, and beautiful. He's gotten so b ig, and his real hair is growing in! Erin has to brush it after she gives him a bath, which is cute. I'm going to miss him something fierce, and he'll be so huge when I get home for Christmas break. I try not to think about that, but it will still be hard.

Anyway, that's all I'm going to post for now. I'm going to go home and maybe work on the pool a bit before I get ready for the commission meeting tonight. I'll try to remember to post the results tomorrow.

Peace y'all.

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