Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Results Are In...

That's right folks. The results are in, and I'm now officially a postulant!!! For those of you who don't know , that means I'm on track for ordination in the Episcopal Church. Which means awesomeness, mostly because I get to do ministry that's so important in our world, with awesome people, at an awesome time! So I'm uber excited, needless to say. Anywho...I'm going to get back to work. On a slightly random note: WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS ISN'T OPEN AT 9 AM?????? Not restaurants, mind you. I'll accept that. But this morning I decided to be on top of things and stop by the Doo Wop shop on my way to work, which meant that I had to negotiate the hellacious Bardstown Road traffic (I have Bardstown Road unless I'm walking down it, and even then I don't like it much). I should have known something was amiss when there weren't a bajillion cars parked along the side of the road, thereby cutting off the flow of traffic. But I remaind hopeful nonetheless, especially since the neon lights in the store's windows were on (which to me means that you are open). So then I pull up to the garage and the door's closed, but I remain hopeful thinking "well, I'm just the first one here, so they haven't opened the doors yet." But no. They don't open until 10. LAME. Now I have to go back there today and get the lights, and when I go I'll have to be turning left onto Bardstown as well as left into Doo Wop Shop. And left turns+Bardstown Rd.= bad news bears. Oh well. It'll be aight.

NOW I'll get back to work. Got U2charist stuff to work on. Thus far I've heard of people coming from Lexington, Campbellsville, Glasgow, and Bowling Green. So that rocks!!!! Again, if you're in the area on Saturday night, come to the U2charist!!!!

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