Thursday, August 24, 2006

U2charist on my Mind

Howdy folks. I've been at church all day getting stuff set up for the U2charist. I have to admit, it looks pretty damn good. All that's really left to do is get the screen/sheets set up for the powerpoint and the slideshow, and everything will be good to go. The sound system in the church is amazing...wish I had one like that in my car/house/anywhere really. The whole place is definitely going to be rockin' out come Saturday night! I'm trying to figure out a couple of lighting issues (i.e. making sure people who are sitting where you can't see the ppt can actually read their bulletins). But so far I've got no idea how to make it work. The rope lighting doesn't do much other than blind you in one third of your eye, while the other two thirds tries in vain to see in the dark. I did get all of the window coverings painted and put up. Damn things were a pain in the ass, to say the least, but I think they're a nice addition. They have that kind of "I just threw together this sign for a rock concert" look to them, and as the service is kind of simulating a concert, I think it's all good. I'm exhausted though. Hopefully I'll get some good sleep tonight...haven't been sleeping the best lately. And then tomorrow night we have a tech rehearsal (tip of the hat to you, mom), and then Saturday is the big day!!! So come on out if you can. And if you can't, I'll let you know what you missed : )

Peace ya'll

P.S. Props to the guys at Doo Wop Shop on Hurstbourne Lane. Here's more to the saga of yesterday: sometime yesterday afternoon I called Doo Wop Shop to see if they had another T Bar, as they only had one that morning. The guy said yeah, they had it, so I left church and raced over to Bardstown Road to get it. Well, I get in there and it turns out they don't have a T-Bar. Which was kind of annoying but I was cool with it. But the guys in the store were really upset about the mix up, so they called Hurstbourne to see if they had one. Well, they did, so I battled rush hour traffic on Taylorsville Rd. to get out there and get the bar. I get there and the guys were like "yeah, we were the ones who told you we had the t bar. You actually called this store." Doh. So I apologized for being a spaz. Well, they weren't sure if I had to fill out a contract again or not, so the guy called the Bardstown Rd. store and said that they should just add it to my contract there because they were stupid and told me they had a bar when they didn't and made me drive all the way out to Hurstbourne. Ha. Take that, you somewhat stuck up about your monopoly on lights in the Highlands Doo Wop Shop workers on Bardstown Rd. And thank you oh so much, Bob at Hurstbourne Lane. You made my day.

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