Thursday, March 01, 2007

Laid Up

Well, it figures. Saturday it is supposed to be sunny and 50 degrees here in Boston. But what happens to Hilary? She gets sick. Figures. Tuesday morning I woke up with a cough, but figured it was an allergy thing. Went to my seminar and started feeling a lot worse...body aches, fatigue, etc. When I got home my temp. was about 100, so I skipped out on my second class and went to bed. Well, later that night the temp. had climbed to 101 and the cough was worse and I felt like someone had run over me with a truck. So yesterday morning I went to the doctor, thinking I had the flu. I had a fever of 103.1 (I hadn't had a fever that high in a looooooong time) and he thought it might be pneumonia so he had a chest x ray done. He didn't see anything and decided it was the flu. Went home, still had a fever. And Rick hasn't been feeling well so I was afraid I'd given something to him. (By the way Rick has been a superhero to me while I've been sick...coming over to make me dinner and bring me tissues, popsicles, etc. He's the BEST EVER.) This morning I still had a fever of about 101, so that was three days running, which isn't good, and the cough is still around (gotten worse). But I've taken ibuprofen all day and the body aches have gone away, which is nice. Don't know if the fever has officially broken yet, or if it's just down b/c of the medicine. Then tonight I get a call from the doctor, who said the radiologist had looked at my x ray and thought he saw a small bit of pneumonia. So it's not the flu. It's pneumonia. Figures. So I went and got the antibiotic for it. Hopefully the major symptoms will clear up but I have a feeling I'll be coughing for a good while. He told me to take it easy and rest, which means NOT DOING HOMEWORK, for the rest of the week. On the one hand that would seem easy. But today, when I was starting to feel a little better, I just got so bored lying around. I would try to get some reading done (which was a generally unsuccessful thing...couldn't focus) and i understand the need for rest but it's so hard, especially because I know that there's so much work I need to be getting done! Aaahhhh! Oh well. The more I rest the quicker I'll be able to do work.

On a happier note, my brother is coming to visit the week after next. Woohoo!!!

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Virginia said...

I hope you feel better! You should alternate acetaminophen though with your ibuprofen. If I were up there, I would totally pick out all the orange pops so you wouldn't have to eat them :)