Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Break...Almost...Here

I'm tired of Greek. Literally and figuratively. I feel like it's slowly defeating me. Ugh. On a brighter note, spring break starts tomorrow at 10 am (after the weekly Greek quiz, of course). I'm in for a fun filled week of...researching in the library. Woohoo! Although Rick and I are going to Newport, RI next weekend. I hope it doesn't will be nice to get away for a while, and he says Newport is awesome. I'll post pics when we get back. The sun is out and the snow is melting, so hopefully that means spring is officially here. Umm...what else? That's really about it. Hopefully I'll get alot done over spring break. I need to, so I can get home for Blaine's birthday and not have a ton of stuff hanging over my head. If I could get this project for NT out of the way and get the resources together for that paper, that would be a major step in the right direction. I have about 70 pages of writing due at the end of the semester, not to mention a Greek final, so I'll have to start stepping it up. I guess that will mean staying up later and getting up Anywho I should go back to studying Greek. It's taking the place of my run today (so I have to make it up tomorrow). Thanks, Greek language. Thanks.
Peace y'all.

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