Sunday, November 25, 2007


I'm back from Thanksgiving. It was good, albeit very very busy. My grandmother was visiting so the whole time home seemed very whirlwind-ish. I'm looking forward to when I can go home and actually relax. I didn't get anything done on the exegesis, but no worries. I'm taking a break from it at the moment, and in the first hour I got 3 pages of 8 done, so I think it's going pretty well. Now that I'm sitting down writing it it's turning out to be much better than I anticipated. Hopefully the finished product will be good as well, but I think using the method from this article we read in class is turning out to be a good way of structuring my argument about the Akedah. Woowoo! I like it when papers come together. It makes them actually somewhat enjoyable to write.

Rick came in this weekend. It was so so so good to see him. I know it had only been 7 days, but it felt like a long time. We went out to Sleeping Giant State Park today and went on a hike. It was beautiful and there were tons of people out, but that's a good thing. We got a nice workout. I took him out for his birthday (which was on Thanksgiving) yesterday. We saw Beowulf, which was actually pretty good, and then went to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant here in town. It was good, and we had fun. We then proceeded to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory here at home and drink some beer, and then we slept for 12 hours (I had to be up at 4 yesterday morning because I flew back). So that was good. And we went to Friday's after our hike today. Now I'm just doing some homework.

On another note, I got the Sufjan Stevens Christmas album on iTunes and it's amazing! I'm glad it's the season for Christmas music. I can't fit a tree in here (we're putting up Rick's on Saturday) but I got some Christmas lights and a reindeer doorhanger from Walgreens, so that should Christmas up the place a bit. and I have an Advent calendar that start on 12/1, so yay for that. Other than bathtub is backed up and didn't drain from showers today, so I'll have to skip my shower tomorrow morning I guess and call maintenance. LAME.

I'm off to study again. Buy the Sufjan Stevens if you can. It's really awesome.

Oh and only 12 days left of class. And less than 2 weeks until the Golden Compass movie comes out. Yeehaw!!!

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