Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Checklist, etc.

Here's what's coming up:
12/5- History Exam
History Paper, 8-10 pp (technically now due 12/12 but I'm making myself turn it in by 12.5)
12/7- Coll. paper. Not too bad. 300 words. Whatever.
12/10- Ethics Section
Ethics paper 5-7 pp (not due until 12/21, but again I'm making myself do it early)
12/17- OT final. It shouldn't be too bad. 3 hours, though, which sucks, but she gives out good guidance beforehand.
12/20- Patristics final. This is going to be a beast. A real beast. Tons of stuff on there, tons to review, from 33-451 CE are up for grabs. Sheesh.

So the semester doesn't look too bad from here on out, actually. My bigger papers are turned in, except for history, and the research for that is going well (I'm looking at the historicity of the "Archbishop" episode of Blackadder 1, specifically church-state relations at the end of the 15th century. Really really interesting stuff, actually). The patristics final is the only thing that makes me the slightest bit edgy, and that's only because of the amount of preparation it will take.

On another note, I'm surprised how many people actually care about this writers strike. I watch 3 shows on TV ona regular basis, and really my life wouldn't be over without them. Get over it and stop writing crap. That's my message (not that anyone cares...).

Other than that...I'm trying to get through The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis. It's good reading but not the kind of thing you want to "get through" for a class. Oh well. And then it's on to Erasmus for next week. And Augustine for Patristics. And I need to catch up on OT reading (but that can really wait until the 12th, when reading period officially starts).

Just thought I would say hey. Now it's back to reading.

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