Friday, December 07, 2007

Beer+shaving=bad idea

It's Friday, and it's Advent, and it's been snowing. And it was the day of the Friday fellowship where we decorated the tree in the YDS common room, accompanied by a keg of Sam Adam's Winter Lager, of course. Being a good div student, after work I ewnt upstairs to do my part in finishing the keg (after all, we don't want it to go to waste!!!!). I had a nice time, and my friends were all there so revelry was abounding at YDS (one of the reasons I love the place...great community!!!!). Then I braved the snow, played some guitar hero with Julie, and decided to come to my room to do laundry. After I'd put the lclothes in the dryer, I decided a hot bath would be nice. After three bottles of liquid plumber I had managed to get my drain to work and cleaned my bath tub last night. So tonight was perfect for a bath and my book (I'm starting to understand why Mom used to take baths and read...there's nothing more relaxing!). Anyway tomorrow is the ISM fancy shmancy Christmas party so I have to wear a skirt and decided to shave. So I did, not connecting the fact that a. I'm a clutz and b. I'd had the equivalent of 2.5-3 beers. I proceeded to shave and on my left knee took a generous chunk of skin away with the razor. And then I proceeded to bleed. And bleed. And bleed. Luckily it's tapered off a bit, but geez. Lesson: Don't shave your legs after drinking beer. It's not a good idea, no matter how little you think it hurts.

In other news, the semester is winding down. All I have left is one 5-7 page ethics paper, and OT final and a patristics final. Not too bad. I don't really have classes anymore so I'll spend the next week studying OT and Patristics, and the next week spending Tuesday and Wednesday doing more patristics. Joy. But I do have my schedule worked out for next semester, assuming there's no problems getting into the seminars: OT interpretation 2, Canterbury Tales (grad seminar in the English dept.), Milton (grad seminar in the English dept.), and Reformation Europe. Not too bad, really. Two seminars and two classes with sections. It could be worse, but I think it will be a good balance. Fingers crossed it works out that way.

It snowed today and it's so quiet outside. It's that quiet that only comes after snow...even in Boston it got this quiet when it would snow alot. I like snow, as long as I don't have to drive or go out in it. Luckily I live on campus so there wasn't far to go. But it definitely means winter is here.

Hope you are all having a blessed Advent.


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