Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I hate hate HATE insurance companies. Here are my unfolding dramas:

1. On august 14th, I got back to MA after visiting home and had a sore throat and couldn't swallow anymore. Not knowing who on earth in MA would see me, as my insurance company isn't very common up here, I went to a clinic where I waited for two hours only to be told that they couldn't see me because I had insurance but it was the wrong kind. So if I had no insurance or the right kind, they would see me. The receptionist told me to go to the ER.
So, I went to the ER. There I waited another 2-3 hours (not having eaten at all, as my throat was so sore) only to find out I had tonsillitis. They sent me home on antibiotics.
Then the bills started to come. The physician's bill was paid, but the hospital bill is almost 600.00 . I called the insurance company today and they won't cover it because it "Wasn't an emergency." WHAT????!!! But the fact that the physician's bill was covered might help...the lady is sending it back down for review and then I can appeal if necessary. However, turns out there ARE doctors in MA who would have seen me, I just didn't know of any. So it's now MY fault that I strayed "out of network." You've got to be kidding me. All I know is that I was miserable and needed medical attention, but apparently it wasn't an emergency. So that's saga number 1.

2. Saga number 2 is dealing with my school insurance policy. In September I had to go for an intake evaluation for the mental hygiene clinic, and the doctor ordered some bloodwork. I went downstairs, had it done, and left. Then I started getting bills. After the second bill I called the company (which is provided independently through the school) and they told me just to mail them the bill. OK. I did that. Then I got a third bill. I called them today, and there are apaprently two problems. 1. the ordering physician is not covered by the plan. WHAT? HE'S A DOCTOR AT THE UNIVERSITY HEALTH CENTER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Sheesh. And they also say there is no record of my appointment that day. So what, am I just making this up? I have the bill with the ordering physician's name and the date of service on it. Why would I make it up and the billing folks from the lab make it up? And furthermore, it was a doctor at our health center! I KNOW he's approved!

This is ridiculous. The worst thing about all of this is a. it makes me sound like an unhealthy person when I'm not (one was allergy related and the other routine) and b. what the hell would happen in a major emergency? Thank God I didn't have these problems at Harvard. I'm thinking about getting my own insurance policy next year. Hopefully I can afford it.

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