Thursday, February 28, 2008


Hello everyone. Midterms are just around the corner, so needless to say I'm pretty swamped school-wise. But luckily after next week I have two weeks off for spring break (that's one of the great things about Yale). I'm just going to be working on papers during that time, but that's OK. It will focused study time, which is a hot commodity as the semester rolls on. So school is going well, but busy. I was home last week for my brother's senior BM recital and the convention for my diocese. Nathan did an absolutely phenomenal job, both at his recital and at the club where his combo plays. I'm so proud of him! And convention went well too. It was good to see people. Most of all it was good to see my family. While I don't feel I got to spend much time with them, due to convention, it was great to see everyone. Blaine is getting so big! And he's hilarious--such a great kid. Anyway I have to go. I have more reading to do (it never ends!) and studying, etc. Hope you're all staying warm!

Oh and go to and sign the petition to get St. Patrick's Day made an official holiday!!! Why? you might ask. Why not?!

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