Friday, February 01, 2008


I thought I would give you all an update, but most of you probably already know this stuff, as I think only my family reads this thing. But for those out there who read it who aren't family...After the night of 1/30.early morning of 1/31, I just couldn't handle it anymore, so I went back to urgent care. They gave me two more treatments, a few inhalers and an antibiotic and sent me home. An hour later I was wheezing badly again, so I went back. The doctor, who was the most sympathetic I'd had and who I felt really understood that something wasn't right, send me upstairs to the little "student hospital," where I was admitted. There they were giving me steroids through an IV and nebulizer treatments every few hours. Needless to say I'm doing MUCH better (knock on wood). The coughing has started to go down, and when I do cough it's more productive, so to speak. I was also about to get some sleep last night, and hopefully I'll get some tonight as well. Delfin and Debbie came by yesterday, which was super nice. Delfin, Jason, and Debbie really stepped up to the plate on this one, and I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends! I spent most of this morning reading at the hospital, which was good because it was homework I was doing, and now I just got home. I'm going to hit the showers, and then it's off to Panera with Delfin and Jason to get some real food.

Hope you all are having a happy February. It seems half the people I know (including myself) were born within the next 5 days. Crazy.

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