Monday, February 11, 2008

The Quarter Century

That's right folks. As of last Tuesday, I am now a quarter of a century old. Woohoo! This is one of those birthdays where I didn't really feel any fact there are only a few of those that I can remember, 22 being the most recent. But there are a few things that come with 25, namely: I can't ride the insurance gravy train anymore (aka be on the rent's health insurance) and I can rent a car without having to pay the extra charge, which I guess is a good thing. Oh and I could be an American Camping Association camp director (you're supposed to be at least 25). 24 was a good year, and I have no doubts that 25 will be great as well. Rick and I celebrated this weekend with dinner at this nice and tasty hibachi place we found in Worcester. We were going to go bowling as well but we had some mega snow so we put off the bowling until further notice. Which is OK, as I'm bringing my mom's old bowling ball back from KY with me next time I go home.

On other fronts, after a really crappy beginning to the semester (hurting my back and then getting really sick) I think things have finally (knock on wood) calmed down and I can get in the swing of things. I have a paper due for Milton on Friday. It's only 4-6 pages, but I have no clue what I'm going to write about. There's a particular passage from "Lycidas" that I find to be extraordinarily beautiful, and I think there's some wonderful resurrection imagery in it, but I'm not sure I could get 4-6 pages out of it. We'll see. Milton is my favorite class, though, so I want to do really well on this paper. I also have ideas for my Chaucer paper, which is good. And I'm hoping to pick out an exegesis passage for OT this week so I can get started on it.

Spring break looks like it will be exciting--I'll be traveling to El Salvador with 4 other Berkeley students. We're going to visit a BDS grad and see how missions are done in El Salvador, and what the church is doing with the MDGs, etc. I'm excited about it, and as I want to do young adult ministry I hope that this will be a good opportunity to make connections and see what the theological and logistical side of mission is about. I went to Honduras on a mission trip when I was 16, but I'm excited to go as an adult. And the group going is really great, so huzzah! I need to start brushing up on my spanish. No recuerdo mucho!

Ummm...what else? I've been reading lots of Martin Luther for my Reformation class, and I'm loving every bit of it. His anti-semitism and demonizing of the RCs is obviously problematic, but there is so much wonderful stuff in his writing! This particular quote is from Alistair McGrath (who wrote the Reformation thought textbook we're using) where he says that one of the things Luther was saying is "faith isn't the same thing as certainty." WHOA. Why has no one ever put it like that before????? It was like the heavens opened up and angels were singing when I read that line. Not that I've ever felt faith IS certainty, but I think there was always a nagging feeling. But putting it like this is pretty amazing, for me anyway. And Luther's "The Freedom of a Christian" is a wonderfuul text: Christians are servants to no one and servants to everyone both at the same time. There are some wonderful paradoxes (plural?) in Luther, and I wish everyone could read his stuff. I'm only scratching the surface, but I can see why the Reformation really got moving with him.

I'm trying to think of what else has happened recently...mostly school. My last couple of weekends with Rick have been really fantastic. They're always wonderful, but I've come out of these past two weekends feeling really really refreshed, which is great. He's awesome :)

I hope you all are doing well and getting a blessed start to your lenten season. And hopefully staying warm. It's friggin' cold here!!!

Oh and GO CARDS! Way to beat Georgetown :)

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