Sunday, February 17, 2008


Howdy folks. There's really not too much happening at the moment, I just thought I would sign in to say hello. Things up here in New England are going well. The weather is weird, but what are you gonna do? School is going OK. I had a paper due last Friday that I turned in Thursday (got that mom? THURSDAY! Ha.) I'm hopefully meeting with my history professor next week to talk about applying to some history PhD programs. The more I think about, the better of an idea I think it is. It may involve writing a much more extensive paper than is required for class this semester, but I will need a writing sample so I'm willing to do it. Hopefully the prof will work with me. I'll let you all know how it goes. Valentine's day was good, although we didn't celebrate until last night. We went to dinner at our favorite Thai place here in New Haven, and then went to the opera to see Die Fledermaus, which was fantastic. I love comedic opera--it's got music, acting, and comedy. This one was hilarious, and the cast was superb. So that was great. Oh and we got some ice cream before the show from Cold Stone, which is always a treat. Rick has tomorrow off so he is staying here an extra night. Huzzah! Although I'm going to be doing homework most of today. I'm almost done with my Chaucer reading for the week but I have a TON of reading for Milton, and this is primarily non-fiction and prose, so it will take a little longer. But it has to do with his positions on the Anglican church, so that will be especially interesting. I'm still trying to get through my OT bible readings. I have a couple of thoughts about an exegesis topic, one possible from Amos. I'm going to talk to my TA and see what he says about the topic and if it will be possible to find anything about it. We shall see. Other than that I'm just doing the school thing. Looking for a summer job as well--I applied at one place already, but they said they'll contact me in mid-March about an interview. Not sure if I'm going to apply to the NPS job I found--I really like this other one better. So keep your fingers crossed (I'll tell you more about it if I get the job). Oh and I'm not going to El Salvador for spring break. The trip went way up in cost and I'm broke, as is most of the group, so they're postponing the trip. If they go in May I won't be able to go, as I'll be in southeastern Europe with ISM, but I hope someone at least gets to make the trip.

Well, it's time to get dressed (I know...lazy Sunday and all that), and then go to the grocery. Woohoo! Hope you all are staying warm!

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