Sunday, August 17, 2008

Massachusetts Things to Do Part ?

As a continuation of an earlier post RE great things to do in New England that you might not know about, I have another one. Today Rick and I went to the Breezy Picnic and Waterslides grounds. Now, I'll start with the bad and then move on to the good. The bad: it's too expensive for what it is. For waterslide rides (unlimited) for the day and admission to the lake/picnic growns it's 17.50 for an adult. The good: it's a lot of fun! I don't think the price is right, but for a once a summer thing (maybe twice) it's fun. There are 3 waterslides that are pretty cool and the waterfront is nice. So I recommend this.

Anyway I'm back to watching the Olympics. I need to get into an Olympic team. I think mayeb curling. What do you think?

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