Saturday, August 16, 2008


Hey there everyone. I have AWESOME news, but I'm not putting it online just yet until all the necessary persons have been informed personally. But never fear, for those of you who haven't spoken with me yet rest assured that you will know of what I am speaking soon enough.

SO aside from the wonderfulness of the last week, things here are starting to wrap-up summerwise. Camp ended on Friday. On the one hand I'm sad not to see some of the kids I've worked with, but I'm glad not to be working there anymore. It was hard working with some people who just didn't do their jobs. But whatever. I got a couple of gifts. One family got me a 25 gift card to Barnes and Noble (I'm going to use it to get Brisingr in September) and another got me a really nice Vera Bradley bag and wallet. I guess that's what happens when you work with the wealthy. At first I wasn't sure about the gift, but it's actually quite useful and the colors (blue and brown mostly) looks very "me."

BTFO starts in about a week and a few days, so chapel ministry stuff will be happening soon. I'm excited about that. I'm also ready for school to start up. I wasn't sure about what was going to happen for one of my classes, but I did decide to switch out one div school class to (hopefully) an English seminar on Religion, Law, and Literature in Post-revolutionary England. It looks cool and right up my alley so keep your fingers crossed it works out!

This week, as I'm not working, I'll probably work on some more GRE study and start getting PhD application materials in line (update CV, figure out when applications are due, making lots of lists, etc.). And I've started reading Moby Dick. Rick hated it but I'm LOVING it way more than I expected. I tend to enjoy 19th century American lit. but I especially like this one.

I was supposed to move some stuff in to my new house this weekend but no one is in town so I guess I'll have to do it next weekend, which isn't the worst thing in the world. But I still have to go to New Haven for a doctor's appointment. LAME. Hopefully I can meet Jason and/or Delfin for lunch, though. Then back to Worcester. Rick's roommate is out of town until Wednesday so we've been spending time watching the Olympics (anyone else want to hear about athletes who are NOT Michael Phelps?) and movies. Tonight we're having steak and backed potatoes and corn and then we're going to watch some LOTR (Which we've strangely never watched together). We want to see Star Wars but I think we're going to save it for next weekend.

Well, that's about all. I think we're going to Gibby's for an afternoon awesome ice cream treat, and I'm going to watch the men's 300M Steeplechase until we leave, so that's all. Just thought I would say hello to everyone! I hope your summer ends well and your school years get off to a good start!

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