Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Another day done...

That's right. Another day of the GOEs has come and gone. Today we had contemporary society and liturgy. The contemporary society question was no surprise--it was on the MDGs. I wouldn't have predicted that, but as it is the primary mission objective of the church today, it wasn't too surprising. What was funny about it was that I wrote on this question yesterday afternoon when talking about missio Dei and the role of the Son and the Spirit in that. And then here they showed up again. Ha. Funny how that works out...The liturgy question wasn't even really a liturgy question. We had to talk about two ways a community's and two ways an individual's lives are shaped by participation in the Eucharist. I'm not so sure how I did on this one...I don't feel bad about it. It just felt blah.

None of this was helped by the fact that I'm having a cold/sinus/allergy thing. I knew it was coming on last night, so I tried to drink OJ and rest up but to no avail. Luckily it didn't really bother me too too much until late this afternoon. Now my face is all stopped up and my nose is turning pink and raw from all of the blowing. Ew. May take some nighttime cold and sinus meds tonight to try and dry things up a bit. And drink lots of water (as that and milk are all I keep around...I finished the OJ). We don't have exams tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be horrid, so aside from a trip I have to make out in the afternoon, I'm lounging about watching TV.

I've started to work on this Golden Compass project for ISM. I think it may be quite interesting...but I'm not sure how I'm going to present it (it's in collaboration with another student). Nevertheless, there's one book I'm especially interested to read about how it is an allegory of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Paradise Lost. That fact in itself is not new to me (I think it's pretty obvious when you read the book), but I'll be interested to see how this particular author approaches it. Milton's so crazy to begin with (don't get me wrong...I LOVE me some Milton), I wonder how this guy is going to say Pullman "turns" him on his head.

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