Monday, January 05, 2009

Day One Down...Three to Go.

For those of you who don't know, right now I'm taking the General Ordination Exams for the Episcopal Church. It's basically a series of 7 3.5 hour exams that test various areas in which ordinands are supposed to show competency. Today we had scripture and theology. I felt pretty good about both of them. My scripture answer was a little long, but I tried and tried to cut stuff and felt that everything in there was essential. So we'll see. Theology was...interesting. The past few years have been questions concerning patristics, so I was expecting that. This year they added missiology to the theology part, and what do you know we got a mission question. Luckily my class with Ian Douglas prepared me somewhat for it, so I didn't feel completely out on a limb. Tomorrow we have contemporary society and liturgy and church music. What's funny is that on the liturgy and church music question we can't even use hymnal resources! That doesn't make ANY sense to me whatsoever, but then again no one asked me so there you go. So overall I felt pretty good about today's exams. Unfortunately right now I physically feel kind of cruddy. I worked out mid-day today (I finished exam 1 1.5 hours early so I had time), but this afternoon I started feeling gross. Now I feel like I'm coming down with a cold or something. So I have a big glass of OJ here next to me and hopefully that will help (too bad I don't feel like drinking it!)

Here's my funny news article for the day. I love the BBC news feed on Firefox. I always come across articles like this that are completely random but that I would probably not ever find otherwise. It's also a great way to read American news from a European perspective. There was an interesting article on Obama and his silence concerning the recent events in Gaza. I guess it makes sense, but I figure lots of people are going to be disappointed if he doesn't say something in two weeks.

That's about all I know. Have to start working on my ISM project. I hope to do some stuff on Wednesday. And maybe tomorrow night. We'll see how I feel after the exam. Everything was a sheet of ice here this morning. Rick called me at 8:15 to make sure I was OK (didn't pick up as I was in chapel, but I thought it was sweet). Apparently his house was surrounded by a solid sheet of ice this morning. It was pretty bad here, but it warmed up during the day so lots melted. It's supposed to be cold tonight, though, so I guess we're in for the same thing tomorrow. Yay New England.

Wear some crampons if you're going out there...


Virginia said...

what are crampons? They sound like some horrible menstration device.

Hilary said...

Ha. They do, but they're these metal spiked-soles that you attach to your shoes when you're ice climbing. I may have gotten the spelling wrong...I was too lazy to look it up at the time.