Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is a stressful year, to say the least. Right now I feel like I'm caught up in the middle of...nothing. And yet it's everything at the same time. Waiting for PhD admissions or rejections, waiting to find a job, waiting waiting waiting. And it's wearing me down, especially with the school work I need to be doing. I'm ready for Feb. 4 to be over, to be honest. Then the ISM project will be done and I can put it behind me. I was hoping to do a lot on it last week but the funeral and everything kept that from happening. I'm not blaming is what it is, and family comes first. I don't have class tomorrow so hopefully I can get a lot done. Well, not hopefully. I have to get a lot done. I've been completely unproductive today. Every now and then I have those days when stress reaches a level that keeps me from being able to concentrate. Today has been one of those days. But that means tomorrow shouldn't be one of those days, which is a good thing. So hurray there. Nathan is sick with an infection, so he's in the hospital while they try to get that sorted out. Dad is currently en-route to Louisville from PA, where Erin will pick him up around midnight. And Mom is in IA with Nathan. We're all over the damn place!

Not much else really to report. I'm thinking of changing the blog background. This one is starting to get boring. Rick and I have a photographer for our wedding. I like his stuff and he seemed really nice over the phone so he should be easy to work with. The only major thing we have to do now is flowers, and figure out the food situation. The rest is just stuff my Mom, sister and I can do. And Rick when he's there to help : ) It was nice and warm one day this week...Friday I think. It was incredible. And then it got stupid cold again. Alas for winter! birthday is coming up, but this has been such a stressful time that it doesn't even feel like it! Because of the trip to Canterbury (which should be awesome!) I won't be able to see Rick until a week after my birthday, which is a bummer. Yep. don't know too much more than that. Everything is ice here, because of the melt on Friday. Rick's drive way is a skating rink. Seriously. Too bad I don't have any skates...

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