Monday, April 27, 2009


Not too much to say today. It started off as a great day-I woke up before my alarm clock (and on a day when I didn't have to get up particularly early, no less!) to a sunny room with the fans blowing and the wonderful quiet of the morning that happens in this neighborhood, except on trash days or when there's construction. Then I had a nice breakfast. Then I got the phone call telling me I wasn't being considered for a position that I had interviewed particularly well for because I couldn't live in the neighborhood. That definitely put a damper on my day-and that was 9:30 this morning. Woo. I shelved at the library for four hours- four hours in a tiny, hot, and stuffy room standing on concrete and lifting books. But it was gettin' paid so whatever.

The church thing is so disappointing because I didn't grow up thinking of ECUSA as an insular church. My diocese had always brought in people from all over-you didn't have to be from KY to work for the church in KY. But I'm finding in this neck of the woods that so often people really only want those who are from their diocese...I have to wait until "their own" get placed before I can take a look at the leftovers. And that's a hard thing to swallow, especially when I feel that I've got a lot of energy and potential-not to mention that I'm hardworking and excited about Jesus.

Luckily I have an interview tomorrow with the position that I really really REALLY want and feel most called to. I don't think the pay is great (I heard on the grape vine around 17 000 but I don't know if that's true, although it does include health benefits and that would get me in for the pension fund) BUT it's doing young adult ministry which is what I feel called to do. And I would get to do it NOT as a side job, but as THE job! And that would be awesome.

So pray hard for me tomorrow. I really feel called to what this job asks people to do...and I feel I could do a lot in that position. I just have to get it first...

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