Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Just me...how novel.

I've been looking at various wedding things lately (obviously because of planning) and I've been amazed by how much pressure there is out there to create "the perfect day." I've gotten two great pieces of advice about this whole process. The first was from my mom, who basically said "It's your wedding, you can do what you want." Not from a she doesn't care perspective, but from a perspective of "it's your wedding and Rick's wedding and no one else's" which I think is great. So that's been awesome. And someone else told me to think of the wedding as a big party celebrating you and your fiance (by then husband!). And that's the attitude we've had throughout this whole thing. It's about making our commitment before God and our families and then celebrating. This is a little more in line with the Eastern Orthodox tradition of weddings, but I think there's something there. So here are things we've decided on that may go against the "traditional" ideas of weddings. Not that any of you reading this are likely getting married, but in case some random bride to be comes across this, she can get encouragement (and hopefully the groom to be as well!).
1. We're not having champagne. For some reason this one sticks out to me because that champagne toast is so...the thing. My sister didn't do it either. They had some white sangria. Rick and I are having beer, because we love beer and it's part of who we are as a couple (Note: we are not alcoholics, but in fact have a real interest in different kinds of beers and in brewing our own. Just wanted to put that out there). Furthermore, it's going to be a wheat beer brewed at a local microbrewery.
2. No flower girl. Mostly because there's no little girl in either immediate family for the job. My nephew will be the most fantastic ring bearer ever, though.
3. No DJ. No Dancing. It's all about the iPod as background music.
4. Flowers. We're getting them bulk from a florist and just going with daisies. Nothing fancy shmancy. Just very simple and pretty and summery.
5. I have a bridesman, aka my brother. We did this at my sister's wedding as well. Nathan is my brother, and I want him on my side supporting me during the wedding. Gender stereotypes be damned!
6. We decided (after a long think on it) not to go with tuxes. That in itself isn't so odd, but I think it's a little less normal for an indoor church wedding. But I'm excited about what they'll be wearing, so it should be good.
7. Krispy Kreme donuts for the wedding cake. I am soooooo excited about this.

Now that I've looked back on this list, none of those are that weird really. Just not what you'd see in Father of the Bride (although that is a great movie). I still haven't decided on whether Rick and I will have pics taken together before or after the wedding. There's the whole not seeing each other thing, but there's also the "Wanting to have fun at the party instead of having our pictures taken" thing as well. I would rather have a choreographed moment of Rick seeing me for the first time (so we can get the picture of it : ) ) than miss the entire reception.

And then it's off to Disney World. I'm am so pumped about this. I haven't been on what I would consider a real vacation since I was 11. I've been places, most definitely, all over the world. But they've always been for various study or mission reasons. This will be going someplace where we are there to relax completely. And it is going to rock (I could go into my whole theological views of going on a real vacation...but not at the moment).

Other than that...just doing homework. Yeehaw. I swear it's not getting any warmer here, which is beyond depressing. It's sunny and things are starting to bloom, but it's still relatively cold. Every now and then we'll get a day that's close to 60, but that's about as good as it gets. Where's spring??????

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Virginia said...

Two thumbs up on your wedding decisions and I'm super impressed with the weight loss! I've been thinking of you and your family and good luck with finishing up the semester.