Thursday, May 04, 2006

Human Again

Nothing new has happened really. Aside from the fact that I am bored out of my mind. Yes, I realize I have finals to write and papers to work on, but every time I start reading I get so damn worn out...I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be in much better shape to work and all of that. I actually feel human today for the first time since Monday night. I still can't believe everything that's happened since then. I feel bad too cause I won't be able to help my brother move me out of this house and into storage...I'm not supposed to lift anything over 10 lbs. Which also means I'll have to find help taking laundry to the basement to wash, returning library books, etc. Geez. I swear sometimes I feel like a baby's like I can't do anything! But it was nice sleeping in my own bed and actually being able to sleep on my side a little bit. I'm awful lonely, which is a bummer. I haven't heard from any school friends since yesterday, and my roomates are being kinda weird. Maybe I expect too much from them...but I got a little upset last night when they took over the living room to watch America's Next Top Model. It's not like they don't have tvs in their room or that I had just gotten home from surgery that night. But people have their lives to live, so I guess stiff upper lip and all that. I'm going to church tonight...hopefully it won't wear me out too much, but I have to do something. I can't sit around this house with the roomies tonight...I'll go nuts. Anywho, my doctor just called to check on me, which was nice :) He's a cool guy. I like him. Well I'm going to go now, because I'm done venting and am bored again. I leave in two weeks!!!


Virginia said...

Get well soon! If I were up there, I would totally carry your books for you. Oh, I found a 0.5 point mistake and got my A!!!! Isn't that awesome!

Virginia said...

Hey, I just saw your post in the blog. She's getting married in Louisville on august 12th.