Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm an Aunt!!!

Sorry for the long period of no blogs. I know the five of you who read this were heartbroken :) Anyway, the reason for the long delay is twofold: 1. I was moving back to Kentucky, which involved a two day drive through five states. So thank God that is over and that my brother and I got home safe. Road trips like those always wear me out. And then, the night we got back the baby was born! He was born at 8:12 pm on May 20th. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen. It's amazing to see how great this world is, all wrapped up in a baby. I mean, the miracle of birth...he's so perfect. Ten fingers and ten toes...I can't get enough of just looking at him and thinking about the great things he has in store for his future. With parents like Erin and Chase, he's good to go. I'm going out to the hospital to spend the night with my sister; she was supposed to go home tonight but he's a little jaundiced and has lost some weight, so they're keeping him again. She's really sad about it, but it will be ok. So it will be a girly sleep over and Suburban tonight. Woohoo! Other than that...I have my meeting with the commission on ministry tonight. It should be interesting; I have no idea what is going to happen or what is expected of me. I just figure I will go in and be myself and it should be all good. I'm also in the process of cleaning my room, which is tiring but I got this awesome new surfing monkeys room set from Target, so I can't wait to get my room clean and put it up. I'm also leaving for Florida on Friday!!!!! sweet. I haven't had a vacation in years and years, and I'm going with my best friend and her husband. It's going to be great, and I can't wait to go to a beach (haven't been to one since I was 11). Yay vacation! Then it's back home to start work. I'm excited for the baby to get to go home, both b ecause it will be good for him and also because it means I will get to spend some time at home. I feel like I haven't really been there at all since I got back. But I'll go wherever I have to go to see Blaine. Well, that's all from here. I'm off to pick up a laundry hamper, as mine from college is now officially demonlished. Time for a new one. Peace y'all.

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babys be rockin