Saturday, May 06, 2006

PBS Reality TV???

Normally I despise reality TV. I think it tends to bring out the worst side of American culture, especially shows like Extreme Makeover and America's Next Top Model. Granted, there are reality TV shows that I guess could do some good. Like Extreme Home Makeover. And that's great. What I'm getting at is this PBS reality TV series I got hooked on while in the hospital. Remember, I was on morphine, lying in a hospital bed alone at 1 am watching hospital TV. So PBS was it. Anyway, there's this show called Texas Ranch House about these 15 people who all live on a Texas Ranch like it's 1867. I must have worked too hard yesterday because today I've been exhausted and not feeling great, so I lounged about at home resting up for the concert tomorrow. And what should be on TV but the last three episodes of Texas Ranch that I missed. Amazing. Go to and you can see about the show. They apparently did another one the year before about a Colonial House or something of that nature. They're reairing a few episodes this Friday, so needless to say I'm uber excited about that. The show is interesting, mostly because the women get very frustrated with the situation and the men tend to turn into chauvanistic assholes. So it's an interesting lesson in gender relations. Which isn't to say that the men are really sexist in their normal lives, but living in 1867 they seemed to think it gave them an excuse to air sentiments otherwise regarded as offensive. I would recommend watching it. It's also pretty educational, and as a history buff I liked it. Something interesting anyway. I even thought it would be fun to apply to be on the next show they come up with, whatever it is. It's a thought...

Oh and hope your Derby horses did better than mine. Something nice about watching the Derby when I'm away from home and don't have to deal with the traffic and crazy drunk people. Sinister Minister started strong but ended weak. It's nice to hear My Old KY Home and see the bugler (who I actually know...I played Into The Woods with him at Trinity in '01)...home sweet home. Two weeks from today and I will be there. Yay! : )

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