Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm Just Hangin' Around

Hello all. Not really much to report, in the long run. I've just been taking some time for some much needed rest (although I'm more than ready for school to start now). It's beautiful up here, and cool. Feels like fall!!! Which I guess would make sense because it is fall. AND...last week was GREAT. We had 19 people show up, which was amazing! And then I met another Div student this week who is hopefully going to come on Thursday this week, so that's great. It was a really great group of people, and I think there's definitely some positive energy there. What else? I'm in the process of introducing my roomate Sarah to the joys of Indiana Jones. Last night we watched Raiders and tonight we're on to Temple of Doom. And then on to the best of them all...Last Crusade. Sweet.

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