Saturday, September 23, 2006


Ember Day was Wesdnesday, which meant that I had to write a letter to my Bishop. It was weird, though, because a. he told me he had to get it in hard copy form (which to him means I have to mail it...what???? i don't DO mail. I could just email it as an attachment and he could print it out, which would save me .39 and the trip to the post office. ) and b. that I had to figure out what the hell to say in this letter. Seriously, school just started Monday, so there wasn't much to say. So we'll see if I get a letter back telling me that I have to write another one because this last one sucked. Ha.

Classes look like they're going to be awesome. I'm taking classical Greek, Children's Lit. and Religious Education (which is going to be super super AWESOME), Jesus of Nazareth and the Gospels, and the Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion. All very reading/study intensive courses, but they're going to be great.

Anywho, I have tons of homework to do and am not quite sure how I will get it done by Monday. So I'm going to start on it.

Peace y'all.

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