Sunday, September 17, 2006

Stupid Bike Rules

This morning I rode my bike to the T. Now, I should begin this by saying that there are signs as you enter Harvard Yard saying "Please Walk Your Bike." A Stupid Rule, if you ask me. If it's exceptionally crowded, I will walk my bike. However, at 8:30 this morning there were 2--count them, one, two--people in the yard. Two. That's it. So I decided to ride on through. And then the security guard right as I am leaving the Yard says to me "you're supposed to walk your bike through the yard ma'am." Not in a nice way, mind you, but in a "you're obviously too dumb to read the sign" way. Now, who was I endangering by riding my bike? Seriously. Who? The TWO PEOPLE in the yard? I highly doubt it, especially considering that I never came within 100 feet of either of them. I know the guy was just doing his job, but couldn't he be walking around busting undergrads for partying too loud or something? Seriously folks. Part of the reason for this over-reaction is the fact that I am so painfully nonconfrontational that I take it really personally when someone tries to yell at me for riding my bike in the yard. Most of the time people don't say anything...they only point it out if they're a. old men (this is the first and foremost prerequisite for being a meddlesome jerk who likes to yell at people who aren't causing them any problems as they ride their bikes in the yard) b. incredibly bored or curmudgeonly c. it's early in the morning or late at night. Once these three conditions are met, you're likely to get called out for riding your bike through the yard.

Stupid Harvard signs.


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Virginia said...

I HATE it when people do stuff like that. But I hate it when they don't do stuff like that too... at UK hospital, there are all these signs up saying "don't smoke on the walkway" and "please refrain from smoking." And yet there are ALWAYS people out there smoking, usually dragging their IV pole behind them and their face masks pulled down, and I have to walk through this big cloud of smoke every day. Not to mention that the cancer center is right new door to the hospital...