Sunday, May 04, 2008


Exams are upon me. I'm currently studying for the OT final tomorrow morning, then I'll have some Ramen, and then I'll work on history studying some more. I just got back my exegesis paper, and my TF called it "marvelous!" I think that's the best comment I've gotten on a paper since Stephanie Paulsell told me one of my papers was "beautiful," but somehow marvelous, as related to an exegesis, seems more exciting. And he said it would be hard to argue with my presentation. He gave me a 97! That's amazing, and something I've never achieved as a grad student. Woohoo!

Now, on to studying. Oh and it's 11:10 PM. I'm not usually one for staying up late the night before a final, but I'm not really sleepy for some reason, so I'm going to make use of the time for studying. Woowoo.

Papers won't be done by tomorrow though. Thursday at the latest, Wednesday hopefully. We'll see. Either way they'll be done before I leave for Europe.

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