Thursday, May 01, 2008


So I think I've figured out what may be the most annoying questions I get at the library. In no particular order...

1. Do you have change?
Answer: we are a library. We don't sell things. And I don't personally have change because I'm a poor grad student too.
-I've actually had 2 people get really upset with me when I told them we didn't have change and that they should try the refectory. Seriously. Why would I have change? It's a library! We don't take in that many fines. Sheesh.

2. Is the copy machine working?
Answer: Did you try turning it on?
Response: Yes, but nothing happened.
-So then I go and follow the person to the copy machine (this usually happens when I'm working alone and have to leave the desk unattended or when I'm already busy with someone else). Then I either press the start button to turn off the power saver, or I turn the copier on. Like they said they already did.

3. Can you fix the printer?
Answer: No. Try the one in the student computer lab.
-I'm not a tech person, nor do I really have the urge to go upstairs and try to break the printer. In an attempt to fix it.

4. And this is the worst (because it's a Friday question) all close at 5 today? Wow. That's early.
Answer: Yep. We close at 5. Just like we do every Friday.
Response: You all should stay open later.
Answer: No we shouldn't. Get a life. Shut your face. I don't really say any of those things but that's what I'm thinking.

5. (This one I get on Thursdays when I open and then work a few hours in the afternoon). Wow. You're still here. Do you work all day?
Answer: No, I decided living in the library was cheaper than renting an apartment. So now I just shower in the bathroom and sleep on one of the bean bag chairs in the MRC.
-This has gotten more frustrating as the days get nicer and I'm stuck sitting inside from 3-6 in the afternoons, when everyone else is outside talking/playing frisbee/having a nice time and I'm inside getting asked goofy questions. Please don't make it worse by pointing out to me that I am working all of the time.

So, folks. What's the lesson to all of this? Be nice to your library staff, and don't ask stupid questions.


Virginia said...

My favorite is "what time do you close?"

---we don't; we are a 24 hour store.

"what is that, military time? You close at midnight?"

---Virginia bangs head on counter

Adrianne said...

Oh Hilary, I know this is a late response, but welcome to the last 4 years of my life! You really know that you've worked in a library too long when you start being able to refer to people (you don't like) by nicknames such as "short pants" and "coughing chinese lady." Ahh, libraries.