Thursday, May 08, 2008


Well, the semester is over. Phew. Now it's off to Southeastern Europe for another random European adventure. I had one hell of a day. Had to leave Rick this morning to come back to New Haven, which is always a crappy experience. Then I've been busy all day. I'm just now getting to my laundry and its 11:30. On top of it all the cold I had moved into my chest, so I had to go to the doctor again. They gave me another breathing treatment and put me on the prednisone for another 5 days. They also gave me the highest dose of advair but I think I'm just going to stick with my low dose, but take the high one with me. I read the info and it just seems like too much...I don't know why they didn't just give me the middle dosage. Whatever. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. Oh and I got some Zyrtec (Walmart brand of course) so that should help some as well. Then I just had another busy night with a mix up with some friends that hurt a little at first (I'm fine now).

All of this, and what I really want to do is hang out with Rick and start my vacation. I'm learning that for me, taking random trips right after the semester ends with a group of people none of whom are super close to me is a bad idea. I've found that at the end of tough semesters (this one was just a lot of work and trying to get this asthma sorted out--which I feel it still isn't!) I just want to be with the people I love and relax. It may be just me, but that's that. But we will be seeing the other YDS group who's going to Bosnia one day while we're there, and a friend of mine is in that group. It's not that I'm not friends with anyone in my group, there's just no one there that I feel super close to. And intense experiences--like seeing a new culture--are better, for me, with people I know and care about. London was different--that was England. I felt somewhat at home there. But here I won't even speak the language!

Anyway my laundry is about ready to switch. Feel free to send me an email over the next two weeks. There should be internet cafes and I can email you back! I'll put up some pics, etc. when I get back...although once I get back Rick and I have Westies in the Woods and then moving my apt. and then WSI certification and then visiting in Louisville, so I may not upload pics until June sometime. We'll see.

Hope you are all having a good May!

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Virginia said...

good luck on your trip Hilary! I'm glad that you made it through the semester alive.