Monday, May 05, 2008

Two down, one to go.

My exams are done for the semester. Whew. I wish I could feel more relieved, but I have this paper still hanging over my head. Thus far I've written two pages...but I just got done going through Revelation (the NRSV) to find applicable passages. Now I need to go back through the Geneva Bible version, type up the verses I need (there's unfortunately no good online Geneva translation that I could just cut and paste) and take a look at the margin notes. The Geneva Bible is a pretty interesting thing, actually. It's from the 16th century, and the margin notes are full of Calivinist doctrine...It's like a Calvinist Talmud (I think the Talmud...the one with the text in the middle and the commentary on the brain isn't all with it right now so I can't remember which it is...or maybe it's Midrash. And that's in the Talmud. Oh hell. Forget it.). Anyway this and the KJV would have been what Milton knew, and at the stage in his writing I'm talking about I would be surprised if he mostly used the Geneva, but I can't prove that. Anyway the marginalia give some interesting theological insights into how people were taught to read the Bible at that time. So it's turning out to be helpful. Unfortunately the copy I'm using is a facsimile, so the spelling and type face is old...thus f's and s's look the same. And the type is tiny and not that clear. But I'm happy I was able to get a hold of this copy--my professor had said they're really hard to get a hand on here at Yale. This one was just on the shelf in the div school library. Go figure.

Went to dinner at HGS tonight with a bunch of people. We thought they would have some great Mexican food, but it was Asian. WTF? IT'S CINCO DE MAYO PEOPLE. Oh well. The rye toast and the soup I had weren't bad though (mostly because they weren't pseudo-Asian).

Anyway I should get back to working on this paper. My allergies have gone crazy and I feel like total crap. Started taking some Sudafed so I hope that clears this all up before Friday. I don't want to go on a transatlantic flight with my sinuses clogged up before we even leave! Talk about awful.

Hope you all are doing well.

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Virginia said...

you need to get an antihistamine on board so you can prevent the congestion from happening in the first place. I suggest loratidine or generic Zyrtec (look for it... it's there! you just have to look past the 12 ft tall banners that only point out the name brand cetirizine).