Monday, April 28, 2008

Can-u Canoe?

I don't take credit for this blog title. It was the name of a unit at a camp I worked at, and I thought it would be appropriate for this posting. WHO KNEW that canoes were so damn expensive? I need to find some camp or something trying to get rid of some old canoes. Rick lives near several good places to go canoeing, so we thought it might be fun to get one. But they're really expensive, even the low end ones! Who knew? Not me. So if you have a canoe you're looking to get rid of for about 100 bucks, call me. We'll buy it off of you.

In other news, only a week left of school. Woohoo! Technically there's two weeks left but I'm determined to be done by Monday. So I've got a new work schedule figured out to get everything done writing-wise by Friday and take my two exams Monday. Then a couple of days next week with Rick (as well as this weekend) and then Europe for two weeks. Just got to get these papers written.

Still no word about a job. Lame.

And my sister turned 24 yesterday, and my brother graduates from college this weekend. Huzzah!

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