Monday, April 07, 2008


I couldn't think of a good title for this posting, so it's just "update."

I'm currently taking a break from reading Paradise Lost. I have to get through 4 more books tonight. Sheesh. It's a lot. I didn't go to my Chaucer seminar today because I needed to finish the research for my exegesis and read for Milton. I finished the research and now I'm working on the Milton. Woowoo. Still haven't written the Chaucer paper. The research is done and ready to go, but I have an exegesis due on Friday that is more pressing, and then I have to get cracking on Milton. Chaucer's deadline got moved to May 12 so I have some time on that one. I guess I'll write it during reading week.

Things have been kind of crazy lately. I found a place to live next year, which is exciting. I'll be living with 3 other women in a house not too far from campus. They're a cool bunch o ladies so that will be fun. And the rent is the cheapest I've ever had in New England. So cool people and the price is right. I also have a job for next year...I'm going to be a Berkeley chapel minister. I won't know what it fully entails until I start doing it, but I'm excited. It should be a good learning experience. I also have an interview for a job on Friday. I'll say more about it once I know if I get it or not. It looks cool, though.

Mom was sick recently, which was a huge bummer. I wish I could have been home. Warren (the priest at St. Luke's) said "well yeah but what are you going to do?" And I said "Be there." Which is a very CPE-esque answer but it's true. Half the time the best thing you can do for someone is just be there...even if they're asleep. But she's doing much better now and went home yesterday! Thanks to everyone here at school that has kept her in their prayers...they really paid off! Then this weekend I got food poisoning/a stomach virus. We went to cracker barrel, got free meals because they messed up our orders (we didn't cause a fuss and didn't even ask to see a manager or get a was really no biggie) and 10 minutes after we left I was winning the vomit olympics INSIDE RICK'S VAN!!!!! Thank God he loves me so much. He was a real sport about the whole thing, and now the van is cleaner than ever, after he cleaned it out on Saturday. I was a blob that day and pretty much just slept most of the day. Then yesterday we de-winterized our cars and I came back to New Haven. But now Rick is sick, which is why I think it was a virus. I wish I had known that and I would have made him stay 20 feet away from me! But we both thought it was food poisoning. Go figure. I just feel bad because I can't be there to take care of him...I could have driven up there this afternoon, but to be honest gas is just too expensive right now. It's 3.49 a gallon at the station near my apartment. Crazy. But last I talked to him he was feeling better. I'm calling him in a few minutes to check up on him again.

And speaking of Rick, he wrote the sweetest blog post. Just wanted to let you know he's awesome. :)

On a bummer note, I think my external hard drive has crapped out on me. It has all of my pictures on it, as well as my music and documents from college. I'm going to have to take it to a data recovery place and probably have to pay a bajillion dollars. Ew. Makes me feel queasy just thinking about it.

Other than that...I'm just working on papers. I got my new Keens today. They're bright "emerald" (it's really more teal) and super comfy and waterproof. I'm totally wearing them tomorrow. I've been looking for new capris, since mine ripped in June. I have a pair from Penny's, but you can only get them online and I really don't want to pay the shipping on them again (I got a pair with a gift card), and old navy didn't have anything. Wal mart didn't either. I guess maybe I'll check Target and fashion bug next time I'm in Worcester.

This weekend we're off to Jersey for spring show n' go. It's the first show of the season, and there's usually an awesome selection of air-cooled vehicles to look at (they're the older VW's), so that will be fun. I hope it doesn't rain, because that would NOT be fun. But whatever. I'm just ready for Westies, because that means it will be summer! (it's the campout we go to that's a bunch of VW vans camping out. It's awesome!)

Until then, I'm just waiting for the trees to become green. It's really spring at home. It's only kind of here, and even less so in Worcester. Maybe soon we'll hit 60 degrees. One can hope.

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