Saturday, April 22, 2006


So spring is here...but you wouldn't know it, seeing as it's cold as crap outside. Blah. It's been a blah day, for no real reason. Well, I take that back. For a real reason. So I went and bought a truck today; I'll go pay for it on Monday, but I test drove it and everything. It's a 95 Ford Ranger. I guess I would be more excited if I felt good about buying a car. But I don't. I hate the thought that once more I'm going to have to get caught up in all of the gasoline price wars and the destruction of our environment...but I have to have one for my jobs this summer. And to move. It's really ironic that I got the truck on earth day. Crazy. But anyway I was hoping someone would go with me to get the truck, especially one of my roomates. But when I mentioned it no one was willing. And when I got b ack they were in the same places they had been before I left: in front of the TV. Now, I understand it's their Saturday and they have every right to relax, but I just feel so...outside of everything in this house. It's to the point where I'm counting down the days before I move out. I can't stand it anymore. I love the roomies, I just don't wan tto live with them. Well, most of them. There are a couple I could live with and have no problem. I'm just tired of the relentless reminders to "Wash your dishes and turn off the lights." Makes me feel like I'm 13. And the constant comments about weight and people being overweight and food obsessions and body image....AHHHHHH. It doesn't help that almost none of my roomies believe in anything. Only one of them goes to church, and surprisingly she's the one I get along with best. Which isn't to say I have anything against those who don't go to church. I just wish my roomates had some kind of belief system. They could be secular humanists and I would be fine! Just have some sort of ethical system by which to run your life! Anyone, it feels like a very oppressive environment. Only a few more weeks and then I get to be home for the summer! I can't wait until my brother comes to visit. That will be awesome. And next year I'll be living with people who I really feel like are all there for me and are real friends. I'm sorry for complaining. It's cold and rainy and has just been one of those days.

Peace ya'll

P.S. Nathan, you are the coolest brother in the world. Thank you for everything.

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