Saturday, April 08, 2006

Springtime in Boston

A personal favorite of mine...I took this one on Cambridge St. as I was walking to work...I just looked up and there was this beautiful tree above my head. Awesome.

This is the most amazing bit ever. It's right after Oxford St. turns into Kirkland, and you're just walking along and if you don't look over you'll miss it, but BAM, there they are. Tons of these small flowers under the forsythia bushes. Amazing. I stand and look at it for a minute every time I pass. Isn't God's world amazing???

A tree in the yard...

Flowers in front of the business school... although things still seem a wee bit brown up here, signs of spring are turning up everywhere!!! Even at the business school...

This is what it looked like on that snow, you ask? Why yes, yes it is. Wasn't it April 4th, you might also ask? Yes, why yes it was.

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daniel greeson said...

beautiful pictures.
I hope you find the community you are looking for, they are definitely hard to come by.
Im sorry youre having so many problems with Volf, i think u should give him a while because he builds up the case more and more..
youre a blogaholic now. enjoy that. its a nice venue to release ideas and such..